Reinhard in Germany with Jeff (and others...)
May 9-26, 2013

Day 1-2
Travel to Bad Homburg

Day 2
Visiting with Relatives

Day 3
With Marlies and
the Herzogs

Day 4
With Wilfried to

Day 5
Visiting Past Memories in

Day 5
A Side Trip to Hameln

Day 6
Driving to Wernigerode

Day 6
Taking the Train
up the Brocken

Day 7
Leaving Braunschweig

Day 7
Arriving in Stuttgart

Day 8
Exploring Stuttgart
with Wilfried

Day 9
Visiting the Wilhelma

Day 10
Watching VfB Stuttgart

Day 11
Picking up Jeff
in Frankfurt a.M.

Day 12
Mercedes Benz Museum
and Schlosspark

Day 12
Visiting with Joerg Adae

Day 13
Visiting Göppingen and
Burg Hohenrechberg

Day 14
Ritter Sport Chocolates
and Museum Ritter

Day 14
Visiting Ludwigsburg and

Day 15
A Visit to the

Day 15
Taking the Train to
Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe

Day 16
Visiting Frankfurt a.M.

Day 16
Bad Homburg
and the Herzberg

Day 17
A Day in Bad Homburg
with the Herzogs

Day 18
Flying Home

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