Reinhard and Janette Travel to Sweden
June 13-30, 2014

Day 0
Departure for Europe

Day 1
Landing in Stockholm

Day 1
Arriving in Göthenborg

Day 2
Discovering Göthenborg

Day 3
Picking up the Volvo

Day 4
Driving in Sweden

Day 5
Driving in Norway

Day 6
Leaving Ljungskil

Day 7
Exploring Copenhagen

Day 8
Starting the Baltic Cruise

Day 9
Rostock and Warnemünde

Day 10
Relaxing at Sea

Day 11
Tallinn, Estonia

Day 12
St. Petersburg, Russia

Day 13
St. Petersburg a 2nd Day

Day 14
Helsinki, Finland

Day 15
Stockholm, Sweden

Day 16
Stockholm a 2nd Day

Day 17
Departure for Home

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